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Sunangel Media will help to shape your story into a powerful video to share your message with the world. Video is an essential tool in today's world to be able to fully communicate and connect. Watch the story of Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm and how, through the use of their compelling video, they were able to raise almost $100,000 and continue to use the video to leverage additional funds.

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    Sunangel Media is the media production and design company of filmmaker, musician, and educator Gaetano Vaccaro. Gaetano is committed to making meaningful contributions to community through his work, and has been supporting non-profit organizations, small businesses and artists with media and design for over a decade.



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  • Soul Fire Farm:
    Raise the Roof for Food Justice

  • New York Bicycling Coalition:
    Making NY Better For Bicyclists

  • Rock Against the TPP ft. Tom Morello, Evangeline Lilly & more

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